Event Staffing and Safety Planning

Ensure successful events with management of safety planning and access to reliable staffing options.

Event Staffing and Operations

Modican Medical & Safety offers event management services focused on event staffing and safety planning. Our team of professionals has extensive experience working with public entities at the regional and state level and provides exceptional service to ensure the success of your events.

Event Safety Planning

With a wealth of experience coordinating safety plans for public entities, Modican Medical & Safety understands the paramount role that planning plays in event management. Our team is well-versed in developing comprehensive plans accounting for risk assessment, crowd management, and emergency planning.

Modican Medical & Safety will work with your organization to develop event guidelines focused on health and accountability.

Team members not only have the necessary certifications to complete the mission, but they have acquired first-hand experience on the front-lines of emergency response throughout their careers.
The key to our success is our team. Every individual standing behind the Modican Medical shield is a true professional in both experience and demeanor.
Modican Medical provides COVID-19 pandemic staffing solutions that are adaptable to the needs of the mission. We work with our partners to address the ongoing needs of health, safety, and security in our communities.


Modican Medical & Safety provides flexible staffing support for event operations with our team of resourceful and reliable professionals.


No two events are the same. Modican Medical & Safety draws on a breadth of expertise to fill gaps in operational staffing and event safety planning.


Modican Medical & Safety draws from in-the-field and behind-the-scenes experience to quickly assemble staffing teams that meet the needs of your event.

Provide qualified temporary staff or help recruit new employees to fill gaps.
COVID-19 Staffing

COVID-19 Staffing

Provide companies and organizations with experienced and qualified staff to administer tests and vaccinations.

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Provide qualified temporary staff or help recruit new employees to fill gaps.

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