Emergency Response Planning and Disaster Recovery

Develop comprehensive emergency response plans and provide support equipment for disaster recovery efforts.

Emergency Response Planning

In an increasingly uncertain world, organizations can benefit from a partner with extensive knowledge of emergency planning and disaster recovery best practices.

Modican Medical & Safety understands how to design an emergency response plan for your organization that brings a sense of safety and security.

Our team of professionals can customize best practices to fit the needs of your organization and the context of your operations.

Disaster Recovery

More than twenty years of experience in disaster response positions Modican Medical & Safety to be the consummate partner in supplying and equipping disaster recovery efforts.

Some of the equipment we have available to deploy includes:

  • Small Generators

  • Restroom Trailers

  • Mobile Command Center

  • 10-30' x 10' Tents

  • Customized Registration System

Contact us to speak with our team about specific equipment available to outfit your disaster recovery operations.

Team members not only have the necessary certifications to complete the mission, but they have acquired first-hand experience on the front-lines of emergency response throughout their careers.
The key to our success is our team. Every individual standing behind the Modican Medical shield is a true professional in both experience and demeanor.
Modican Medical provides COVID-19 pandemic staffing solutions that are adaptable to the needs of the mission. We work with our partners to address the ongoing needs of health, safety, and security in our communities.


The Modican Medical & Safety team is built on diversified experience working with public and private entities at the state and regional levels.


Modican Medical & Safety recognizes that every scenario has different challenges and constraints. Our approach applies proven best practices tailored to meet unique circumstances.


When the unexpected occurs, Modican Medical & Safety is available to provide support at a moment’s notice.

Provide qualified temporary staff or help recruit new employees to fill gaps.
COVID-19 Staffing

COVID-19 Staffing

Provide companies and organizations with experienced and qualified staff to administer tests and vaccinations.

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Provide qualified temporary staff or help recruit new employees to fill gaps.

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