Jesse Modican founded Modican Medical & Safety in 2000 with the goal to make organizations safer and their workforces stronger.

Jesse Modican

CEO and Director of Operations 

Jesse Modican founded Modican Medical & Safety in 2000 with the goal of making organizations safer and their workforces stronger.

He has served the Florida community for over 27 years as Director Fire Chief for Micanopy Fire and Rescue and as the Captain for Jacksonville Fire and Rescue. He also served on the Duval County Emergency Preparedness Division as the Lead Safety Officer for major events and incidents, and as a flight paramedic.

When the pandemic began, Jesse performed duties as the Lead Safety Officer for the State of Florida’s COVID-19 Taskforce and reported directly to then-Deputy SERT Chief Kevin Guthrie, who is now director of the Florida Department of Emergency Management.

Jesse is a state certified All-Hazards Incident Management Team Safety Officer and an Incident Commander. He has earned certifications from Central Florida Community College, St. Augustine Fire Academy, Florida Community College Jacksonville, and is earning a B.S. in Fire Science and Emergency Management at Waldorf University.

Karyl Modican

Vice President

Serving in a multi-faceted role as co-owner, vice president and assistant director of operations, Karyl Modican has been a cornerstone of the Modican Medical & Safety’s team since she joined in 2006.

An experienced first responder, Karyl Modican has saved many lives over the course of her career while training others to do the same. Today, she oversees the deployment of Modican Medical & Safety’s staffing teams across the state.

She emphasizes a high level of team preparedness through education and hands-on training. She works closely with the leadership team to recruit staff who possess on-the-job experience, and has been instrumental in expanding Modican Medical & Safety’s staffing division over the past two years.

Karyl earned both her paramedic and EMT certifications from Central Florida Community College.

Jessica Alverio


Jessica Alverio is the executive assistant for Modican Medical & Safety, having joined the team in 2020, Miss Alverio brings with her more than a decade of experience in the field of healthcare and case management.

A skilled communicator, she leverages her experience building relationships and working with a diverse client base in her role as administrator for Modican Medical & Safety.

Along with the executive team, Jessica assists in the hiring, onboarding, and evaluation of Modican Medical & Safety team members. Additionally, Miss Alverio works with clients to coordinate and schedule the deployment of testing and vaccination sites.